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All participants are invited to the Conference banquet, the cost of which is included in the Registration Fee.

The conference lecture sessions will end on Thursday, May 24, 2018.ChinaDreamsTour, a leading travel company based in China, has packaged Jiangxi Tours specially made for the attendants of the 14th International Hydrocolloids Conference. Five different tours are offered. Prices are posted in US funds.


5 days Jingdezhen+Wuyuan+Sanqing Mountain Tour
Tour Code: JXT-020
Destinations:  Nanchang-Sanqing Mountain-Wuyuan-Jingdezhen
Attractions: Sanqing Mountain, Wuyuan Villages, Jingdezhen Porcelain
5 days Jingdezhen+Wuyuan+Sanqing Mountain Tour(JXT-020) from $400


3 Days Lu Mountain Tour
Tour Code: JXT-021
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lu Mountain
Atrractions: Lu Mountain, a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO
3 Days Lu Mountain Tour(JXT-021) from $250


3 days Longhu Mountain and Guifeng Tour
Tour Code: JXT-022
Destinations: Nanchang-Guifeng(Gui Peaks)-Longhu Mountain(Dragon and Tiger Mountain)
Atrractions: Guifeng, or Gui Peaks,  Danxia Mountain Landscape.
3 days Longhu Mountain and Guifeng Tour(JXT-022) from $250


Half Day Nanchang City Tour
Tour Code: JXT-023
Destinations: Nanchang
Atrractions: Tengwang pavilion,Bada shanren Memorial Museum.
Half Day Nanchang City Tour(JXT-023) from $40


1 Day Nanchang City and Anyi Tour
Tour Code: JXT-024
Destinations: Nanchang-Anyi
Atrractions: Tengwang pavilion, Anyi ancient villages and Rural idyllic sceneries
1 Day Nanchang City and Anyi Tour(JXT-024) from $50