Conference History


This well branded International Conference on Hydrocolloids was initialized by Professor Glyn O. Phillips in 1990, and the first one was hosted by Professor Katsuyoshi Nishinari in Tsukuba, Japan in 1992. The following conferences have been successfully held in USA, Australia, Canada, Norway, Singapore, China every other year, as detailed in the following table. The topics of the conference were initially focused on hydrocolloids for food and non-food applications; in recent years, the themes have been expanded to include dietary fibres and bioactive polysaccharides. In collaboration with Elsevier, each conference published a special issue in Food Hydrocolloids and Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre; these special issues have been well received and become highly cited issues.

The format of the each conference was managed by an individual organiser who gathered around him an Organising Committee in the country where the Conference was held. The planning was broadened by designating an international Advisory Board of specialists led by Professor Phillips, who contributed ideas and assisted in the planning. Since 2012, this conference has been under the governance of the International Complex Carbohydrate Consortium (ICCC) chaired by Professor Glyn O. Phillips with the designated website:; this web-site is now considered as the official website of the International Hydrocolloid Conferences. After the successful IHC conference organized by Professor Steve W. Cui and Professor H. Doug Goff at Guelph, Canada in 2016, our next conference will be hosted by Professor Mingyong Xie and Shaoping Nie at Nanchang University.

The Chairmen and Organisers of previous International Food Hydrocolloid Conferences:

1992Tsukuba, JapanKatsyoshi Nishinari
1994Columbus, Ohio,USAPaul Hanson
1996Sydney, AustraliaAlan Lane
1998Osaka, JapanKatsuyoshi Nishinari
2000Raleigh, North Carolina, USAAlan Foedeging
2002Guelph, CanadaSteve Cui
2004Melbourne, AustraliaDave Dunstan
2006Trondheim, NorwayKurt Draget
2008SingaporeStefan Kasapis
2010ShanghaiHongbin Zhang
2012West Lafayette, USABruce Hamaker
2014Chinese TaipeiHsi-Mei/Phoency Lai
2016Guelph, CanadaDoug Goff/Steve Cui

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International Hydrocolloids Conference (IHC)

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Jiangxi Association for Science and Technology

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Jiangxi Institute of Food Science and Technology

State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology, Nanchang University

School of Food Science and Technology, Nanchang University

Supporting Journal

Food Hydrocolloids

Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre