Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Biliaderis, Costas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Title: Structure-property relations of cereal soluble fibers and formulation challenges with these polysaccharides

Prof. Cheung, Peter, Hong Kong, China
Title: Bioactive Carbohydrates as Prebiotics

Prof. Draget, Kurt, NTNU, Norway
Title: Bioactively filled gelatin gels; challenges and opportunities

Dr. Jenkins, Alexandra, Glycemic Index Laboratories and St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto
Title: Glycemic Index and Clinical Trials of Dietary Fibres

Prof. Kasapis, Stefan, RMIT, Australia
Title: Molecular interactions, phase behaviour and transport phenomena from a low-solid gel to a high-solid glass

Prof. Marangoni, Alejandro, University of Guelph
Title: Polymer gelation of edible oils

Prof. Norton, Ian, University of Birmingham, UK
Elsevier Lectureship
Title: Hydrocolloid microstructural design for healthy and indulgent foods

Dr. Sworn, Graham, Dupont, France
Food Hydrocolloids Trust Medal Lecture
Title: Rheology modifiers for the management of dysphagia

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Britten, Michel, AAFC, Canada
Title: Interaction between milk protein and polyphenols: impact on dairy processing and nutrient release in gastrointestinal environment

Prof. Chan, Eng-Seng, Monash University, Malaysia
Title: Pickering emulsions as templates for microencapsulation: Prospects and challenges for food applications

Prof. Chen, Jie, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Title: Modification of soy protein: current techniques, applications in food and future prospects

Prof. Cosgrove, Daniel, Penn State University, USA
Title: Structure and nanomechanical properties of the primary cell wall of plants: recent progress and emerging concepts

Prof. Dutcher, John, University of Guelph
Title: Structure and Hydration of Highly-Branched, Monodisperse Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles

Prof. Hamaker, Bruce, Purdue University, USA
Title: Towards design of dietary fibers for gut health

Prof. Jeon, You-Jin, Jeju National University, Korea
Title: Functionalities of the sulfate polysaccharide, Fucoidan from Ecklonia cava (a brown seaweed) and its industrial applications

Dr. Lai, Phoency F. H., School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai and MediFood Research Center, Conpowon International Co., Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan.
Title: Tailoring bioactive polysaccharides for the future: from cellular immunology to cost-effective adjuvant for dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines

Dr. Lin, Amy, Idaho State University, USA
Title: Starch Fine Structure and Digestibility

Prof. Turgeon, Sylvie, Laval University, Canada
Title: Protein-polysaccharide to develop natural functional ingredients: from fundamentals to food functionality

Dr. Van de Velde, Fred, NIZO, Netherlands
Title: Protein-polysaccharide mixture for food quality and health

Prof. Vasanthan, Thava, University of Alberta, Canada
Title: Molecular characteristics and amylase resistance of maize starch nano-particles prepared by acid hydrolysis

Prof. Williams, Peter, Glynwdr University, UK
Title: Molecular characteristics and interfacial properties of Gum Arabic

Prof. Xie, Ming-Yong, Nanchang University, China
Title: Bioactivities of Polysaccharides: Acting Mechanisms and Commercial Potentials

Dr. Yadav, Madhav, USDA, USA
Title: Functional Polysaccharides from Agricultural Biomass

Prof. Zhong, Fang, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Title: Effect of hydrocolloids as wall material on the bioavailability of nutraceuticals in delivery system

Prof. Ziegler, Gregory, Penn State University, USA
Title: The Influence of Cultivar and Processing on the Digestibility of Potato Starch

Dr. Zijlstra, Ruurd, University of Alberta
Title: Impact of cereal carbohydrates (starch and fibre) on digestive physiology and gut health