13th International Hydrocolloids Conference


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16:00-20:00Registration Open, Summerlee Science Complex Atrium
18:00-20:00Opening Reception, Summerlee Science Complex Atrium
8:00Registration Open, Rozanski Hall Atrium
8:40-9:15Welcome Session – Profs. G. O. Phillips, P. A. Williams, H. D. Goff and W. S. Cui; Room 103
9:15-10:00Plenary Lecture 1 – Prof. Kurt Draget, NTNU, Norway; Bioactively filled gelatin gels; challenges and opportunities
10:00-10:35Morning Break
 Session 1 – Hydrocolloid Functionality; Session Chair – G. Ziegler; Room 103Session 2 – Hydrocolloids for Delivery; Session Chair – F. Zhong; Room 102Session 3 – Hydrocolloid Sources and Materials; Session Chair – Y.-J. Jeon; Room 105
10:35-11:10Invited 1 – Prof. Gregory Ziegler, Pennsylvania State University, USA
The Influence of cultivar and processing on the digestibility of potato starch
Invited 2 – Prof. Fang Zhong, Jiangnan University, China
Effect of hydrocolloids as wall material on the bioavailability of nutraceuticals in delivery system
Invited 3 – Prof. You-Jin Jeon, Jeju National University, Republic of Korea
Functionalities of the sulfate polysaccharide, Fucoidan from Ecklonia cava (a brown seaweed) and its industrial applications
11:10-11:301 - Todd Talashek, Neil Morrison, Zhi-Fa Yang, Howard Yu, Wei Li and Melvin Mazyck, CP Kelco, USA
Reduced setting temperature, high acyl gellan gum
4 - J Andrade, M Corredig, University of Guelph, Canada
Vitamin B12 release behaviour during in-vitro digestion of gelled double emulsions
7 - Sara, S. Awad; Ali A. Rabah; Hassan, I. Ali, Tarig, E. Mahmoud and Hassan, A. Mudawi, Industrial Research and Consultancy Center, Sudan
Towards Acacia seyal Protocol in Sudan: Preliminary Study Pertinent to Colour Identification and Physiochemical Characteristics
11:30-11:502 - HL Nielsen, L Knarreborg and C Rolin, CP Kelco, USA
"One shake" and back to square one – stability and mechanical evaluation of Acidified milk drink
5 - A. Bannikova, A. Evteev, N. Gorbunova, L. Rasumova and I. Evdokomov, Saratov State Agrarian University, Russia
Preparation of sodium alginate and carboxymethylcellulose materials loaded with bioactive compounds and their release characteristics under simulated gastrointestinal conditions
8 - P Achayuthakan, S. Witayakran, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand
Application of tamarind kernel powder in printing and writing paper
11:50-12:103 - Li W, CP Kelco, USA
Understanding the functionality of gellan gum in neutral protein drinks
6 - Srinivas Janaswamy, Tianming Yao, Purdue University, USA
Ordered hydrocolloids networks as delivery vehicles of polyphenols
9 - M. Bazin, M. Vanden Eynden*, R. Ramsch, G. Brambilla, M. Fleury, P. Bru, G. Meunier, Formulaction Inc., France
New optical technique for thermal analysis of hydrocolloids
1:20-2:05Plenary Lecture 2 – Prof. Costas Biliaderis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Structure-property relations of cereal soluble fibers and formulation challenges with these polysaccharides; Room 103
 Session 4 – Hydrocolloid Functionality; Session Chair – P. Williams; Room 103Session 5 – Protein-based Hydrocolloids; Session Chair – S. Turgeon; Room 102Session 6 – Bioactive hydrocolloids; Session Chair – A. Lin; Room 105
2:15-2:50Invited 4 – Prof. Peter Williams, Glyndwr University, UK
Molecular characteristics and interfacial properties of Gum Arabic
Invited 5 – Prof. Sylvie Turgeon, Laval University, Canada
Protein-polysaccharide to develop natural functional ingredients: from fundamentals to food functionality
Invited 6 – Dr. Amy Lin, University of Idaho, USA
Starch digestibility and its influence on children's health
2:50-3:10Afternoon Break
3:10-3:3011 - K Nishinari, Y Fang, Hubei University of Technology, China
Controlling the gelling of agar
17 - Marie Chevallier, Alain Rliaubanc, Christelle Lopez, Pascaline Hamon, Florence Rousseau, Thomas Croguennec, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France
Whey protein aggregates modulate the heat stability of whey proteinstabilized emulsions
24 - PFH Lai, YJ Xia and LZ Ai, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China
A cost-effective flowchart for isolation, stabilization, and characterization of multiple functional compounds from Chlorella
3:30-3:5012 - A. Leiter, V. Gaukel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Influence of pH value and ions on the recrystallization inhibition activity of Κ-carrageenan
18 - N Dapueto, E Troncoso and RN Zúñiga, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, Chile
Polymerized degree of whey protein isolate affected microstructural and physical properties of oil-in-water emulsions
25 - P Sánchez, S Hill, J Enrione and P Díaz-Calderón, Metropolitan University of Technology, Chile
Modification of gelatinization profile of wheat starch by controlled addition of bacterial cellulose fibers
3:50-4:1013 - R Guo, N Cao, J Ma, Y Wu*, J Wu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Rheological properties of polysaccharide from Sophora alopecuroides L. seeds
19 - M Henriques, DM Gomes and CD Pereira, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal
Comparison of heat and acid treatments of liquid whey protein concentrates obtained by ultrafiltration for dairy gels preparation: influence on gel structure and properties
26 - Yu-Jie Wang, Noora Mäkelä, Ndegwa H. Maina, Anna-Maija Lampi and Tuula Sontag-Strohm, University of Helsinki, Finland
Degradation and antioxidant effect of cereal Β-glucans during lipid oxidation
4:10-4:3014 - NV Nepovinnykh and NM Ptichkina, Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov, Russia
The effect of various hydrocolloids on the physicochemical and sensory properties of whipped-and-frozen functional dessert
20 - P Peixoto, G Tavares, A Nicolas, C Roiland, P Hamon, A Carvalho, T Croguennec and S Bouhallab, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France
Composition of β lactoglobulin/lactoferrin heteroprotein coacervates
27 – Abdalla, IG, University of Hafr Albatin, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Natural cleanser for treatment of diabetic wound
4:30-4:5015 - XW Ni, F Ke, M Xiao, K Wu, Y Kuang, H Corke, FT Jiang, Hubei University of Technology, China
The ice crystal growing control and porous structure of konjac glucomannan-based aerogels
 28 - AA Ahmed, JS Fedail, HH Musa, AZ Sidaldin, TH Musa, University of Nyala, Sudan
Effects of gum arabic on oxidative stress in type 2 diabetic induced rat
8:40-9:25Plenary Lecture 3 – Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, Glycemic Index Laboratories and St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto, Canada; Glycemic index and clinical trials of dietary fibres; Room 103
 Session 7 – Dietary Fibre; Session Chair – B. Hamaker; Room 103Session 8 – Hydrocolloids for Delivery; Session Chair – E.-S. Chan; Room 102Session 9 – Hydrocolloid Sources and Materials; Session Chair – J. Chen; Rooom 105
9:35-10:10Invited 7 – Prof. Bruce Hamaker, Purdue University, USA
Towards design of dietary fibers for gut health
Invited 8 – Prof. Eng-Seng Chan, Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia
Pickering emulsions as templates for microencapsulation: Prospects and challenges for food applications
Invited 9 – Prof. Jie Chen Jiangnan University, China
Modification of soy protein: current techniques, applications in food and future prospects
10:10-10:30Morning Break
10:30-10:5031 - HH Ding, SW Cui, HD Goff, J Chen, Q Wang, J Gong and NF Han, University of Guelph, Canada
Flaxseed dietary fibre: structure-function relationship, and comparison to psyllium fibre regarding in vitro fermentation profiles
36 - F Spyropoulos, D Kurukji and IT Norton, University of Birmingham, UK
A novel approach for the codelivery of multiple functional species from simple emulsions
41 - K Alba, RJ Bingham, MU Ghori, AM Smith, LT Fleming, BR Conway, V Kontogiorgos*, University of Huddersfield, UK
Mesoscopic structure of okra pectin
10:50-11:1032 - N Repin, B Kay, HD Goff, AJ Wright, AM Duncan and SW Cui, University of Guelph, Canada
Importance of viscosity of dietary fibre on the amylolysis of starch and human glycemic and insulinemic responses
37 - RJ Mu, HB Chen, Y Yuan, MF Li and J Pang, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China
Microencapsulation of Lactobacillus acidophilus with Konjac Glucomannan hydro-gel
42 - XD Shi, SP Nie*, YX Wang, LJ Zhang, JY Yin Nanchang University, China
Elucidation and comparision of structural and physicochemical properties of acetylated glucomannan from four kinds of Amorphophallus plants
11:10-11:3033 - JL Hu, SP Nie*, S Wang, C Li, MY Xie, Nanchang University, China
Ultrasonic irradiation-induced degradation improves short-chain fatty acid production and bacterial group change of microbiota during in vitro fermentation of polysaccharide from seeds of Plantago asiatica L.
38 - XJ Lin, AJ Wright, University of Guelph, Canada
Pectin and gastric pH interactively affect DHA-rich emulsion in vitro digestion microstructure, digestibility and bioaccessibility
43 - L.M. Chevalier, L.-E. Rioux, P. Angers, and S.L. Turgeon, Laval University, Canada
Low-temperature blanching as a tool to modulate the structure and solubility of pectic polysaccharides from blueberry purees
11:30-11:5034 - YL Sun, XH Gu and LP Zhao, Yuncheng University, China
Structural features and in vitro fermentation properties of nonstarch polysaccharides from blackgrained Wheat
39 - Qing Guo, Nick Bellissimo and Dérick Rousseau, Ryerson University, Canada
Role of gel structure in controlling lipid digestion of emulsion gels
44 - US Schmidt, HP Schuchmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Microgel particles and demulsification: Influence of ionic strength on the emulsifying properties of citrus pectin
11:50-12:1035 - Ballal, ME, Forestry and Gum Arabic Research Centre, Sudan
An overview of natural commercial gums resources in Africa
40 - J Guo, B Huebner-Keese, M Devon, R Adden, M Knarr, C Huettermann, The Dow Chemical Company, USA
Healthier fried Foods and meat products with reduced fat
45 - Lei Feng, Junyi Yin, Shaoping Nie, Yiqun Wan, Mingyong Xie, Nanchang University, China
Structural and conformational characterization of galactomannan from Cassia obtusifolia L. seeds
1:20-2:05Plenary Lecture 4 Elsevier Lectureship – Prof. Ian Norton, University of Birmingham, UK; Hydrocolloid microstructural design for healthy and indulgent foods; Room 103
 Session 10 – Hydrocolloid Functionality; Session Chair – T. Vasanthan; Room 103/td>Session 11 – Protein-based Hydrocolloids; Session Chair – F. Van de Velde; Room 102Session 12 – Bioactive Hydrocolloids; Session Chair – M.-Y. Xie; Room 105
2:15-2:50Invited 10 – Prof. Thava Vasanthan; Room 103, University of Alberta, Canada
Molecular characteristics and amylase resistance of maize starch nano-particles prepared by acid hydrolysis
Invited 11 – Dr. Fred Van de Velde, NIZO food research, Netherlands
Protein-polysaccharide mixture for food quality and health
Invited 12 – Prof. Ming-Yong Xie, Nanchang University, China
Bioactivities of Polysaccharides: Acting Mechanisms and Commercial Potentials
2:50-3:10Afternoon Break
3:10-3:3046 - Guo QB, Cui SW, University of Guelph, Canada
Structural characterization of polysaccharides from American Ginseng: challenges and strategies
50 - P Sukkhown, Y Lorjaroenphon and T Pirak, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Flavored-Functional Protein Hydrolysates from Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Dried Squid By-Products: Effect of Drying Method
54 - T Crouzier, K Boettcher, AR Geonnotti, NL Kavanaugh, JB Hirsch, K Ribbeck Lieleg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Mucus engineering: modulating hydration and lubrication
3:30-3:5047 - KS Mikkonen, M Lehtonen, C Xu, C Berton-Carabin and K Schroën, University of Helsinki, Finland
Spruce galactoglucomannans act as multifunctional natural emulsion stabilizers
51 - AJ Gravelle, AG Marangoni, S Barbut, University of Guelph, Canada
Insights into the mechanism of myofibrillar protein gel stability: Influence of size and volume fraction of a model hydrophilic filler on texture
55 - K Vercruysse, A Clark, P Bello, M Alhumaidi, N. Alatas, D. Brooks, M. Whalen, J Readus, L Tyler and Y Jones, Tennessee State University, USA
Polysaccharides as biocatalysts? Synthesis of melanin-like pigments mediated by polysaccharides
3:50-4:1048 - HJ Liu, NAM Eskin* and SW Cui, University of Manitoba, Canada
Effect of yellow mustard mucilage on functional Properties of quinoa and corn starches
52 - P Díaz-Calderón, F Quero and J Enrione, University of the Andes, Chile
pH and extraction time as key factors to obtain salmon gelatin with tailored biochemical and physical properties
56 - XY Wang, JY Yin, SP Nie, MY Xie, Nanchang University, China
Protection of Hericium erinaceus polysaccharides on anhydrous ethanol-induced gastric mucosal damage
4:10-4:3049 - M Martínez, P Robert, E Troncoso and RN Zúñiga, University of Chile
Time-dependent flow behavior of commercial thickener employed for dysphagia therapy
53 - Phoebe X. Qi, Aparna S. Ajjarapu, Edward D. Wickham, U. S. Dep. of Agriculture, USA
Physical, chemical and structural changes in b-lactoglobulin caused by a Maillard type reaction with sugar beet pectin in the dry state
57 – Ming Miao, Bo Jiang, State Key Laboratory of Food Science & Technology, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Structure and fermentability of a-D-glucan produced from Leuconostoc citreum
4:30-6:30Poster Session, Rozanski Hall Atrium
8:40-9:15Plenary Lecture 5 – Prof. Alejandro Marangoni, University of Guelph, Canada;
Polymer gelation of edible oils; Room 103
9:15-10:10Plenary Lecture 6 Food Hydrocolloids Trust Medal Winner – Dr. Graham Sworn, DuPont, France;
Rheology modifiers for the management of dysphagia; Room 103
10:10-10:30Morning Break
 Session 13 – Hydrocolloid Functionality; Session Chair – C. Biliaderis; Room 103Session 14 – Hydrocolloids in Emulsions; Session Chair – S. Kasapis; Room 102 
10:30-10:5058 - C Semasaka, L Katopo, R Buckow and S Kasapis, RMIT University, Australia
Modeling water partition in composite gels of BSA with gelatin following thermal treatment
63 - C.Tisserand, M. Vanden Eynden*, G. Brambilla, M. Fleury, P. Bru, G. Meunier, Formulaction Inc., France
Prediction of collapse time of polymer stabilized O/W emulsions
10:50-11:1059 - R Nicholson, AG Marangoni, and S Barbut, University of Guelph, Canada
Particle dispersions in whey protein isolate and xanthan gum solutions
64 - L Duffus, P Smith, IT Norton and F Spyropoulos, University of Birmingham, UK
Formulation and stability of edible pickering W1/O/W2 double emulsions
11:10-11:3060 - Q Xiao, Hunan Agricultural University, China
Rheological properties of pullulansodium alginate based solutions during film formation
65 - C Wang, YF Xu, B Zhang, Q Huang, South China University of Technology
Comparative study of emulsion properties between octenylsuccinate starch and gum arabic
11:30-11:5061 - J Bousquières, C Bonazzi, C Michon, University of Paris-Saclay, France
Non-reactive sponge cake formulated with starch and cellulose derivatives: effect of process to design various cellular crumb structures
66 - R Navarro-Lisboa, C Arancibia, S Matiacevich, C Astudillo, RN Zuñiga , J Erione, University of Santiago, Chile
Emulsion stabilized by quinoa proteins: comparative study of high-pressure homogenization and ultrasonic method
11:50-12:1062 - Shingo Matsukawa, Bingjie Hu, Lei Du, University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan
Study on network structures in mixed kappa and iota carrageenan gels by NMR
67 - Junjun Li, Xinzhong Hu, Xiaoping Li, Shaanxi Normal University, China
Impact of acetylated modification of Artemisia sphaerocephala Krasch polysaccharide on the emulsifying properties
1:20-2:05Plenary Lecture 7 – Prof. Stefan Kasapis, RMIT, Australia; Molecular interactions, phase behaviour and transport phenomena from a low-solid gel to a high-solid glass; Room 103
2:05-2:50Plenary Lecture 8 – Prof. Peter Cheung, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Bioactive carbohydrates as prebiotics; Room 103
2:50-3:10Afternoon Break
 Session 16 – Hydrocolloid Sources and Materials; Session Chair – D. Cosgrov; Room 103Session 17 – Starch as Hydrocolloids; Session Chair – R. Zijlstra; Room 102Session 18 – Hydrocolloid Functionality; J. Dutcher; Room 105
3:10-3:45Invited 13 – Prof. Daniel Cosgrove, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Structure and nanomechanical properties of the primary cell wall of plants: recent progress and emerging concepts
Invited 14 – Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra, University of Alberta, Canada
Impact of cereal carbohydrates (starch and fibre) on digestive physiology and gut health
Invited 15 - Prof. John Dutcher, University of Guelph, Canada
Structure and hydration of highly-branched, monodisperse phytoglycogen nanoparticles
3:45-4:0573 - Andrea C. Ruthes, Antonio Martínez-Abad, Rosana Moriana, and Francisco Vilaplana, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Hemicelluloses from cereal byproducts: a valuable resource for functional materials
79 - H Singh, N Singh, S Kumar and S Thakur, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, India
Influence of acid hydrolysis on physicochemical, structural, and pasting properties of moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia) starch
86 – Pelton, R, McMaster University, Canada
Polymers and Biomacromolecules Binding to Cellulose Hydrogels
4:05-4:2574 - S Keisandokht, V Orsat, McGill University, Canada
Extraction of glucomannans from Ocimum basilicum seeds
80 - Lillian Chuang*, Naksit Panyoyai, Lita Katopo, Robert Shanks, Stefan Kasapis, RMIT University, Australia
Counterion effects on the structural properties of starch at low moisture contents, and starch- MCC mixtures
87 - SF Wu, SW Cui, J Chen, Jiangnan University, China
The Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Networks of Hydrogels
4:25-4:4575 - JY Yin, SP Nie, MY Xie, Nanchang University, China
Polysaccharide from the seeds of Plantago asiatica L., not only arabinoxylan
81 - Ndegwa H. Maina, Mattia Scola and Tuula Sontag-Strohm, University of Helsinki, Finland
Influence of oxidation and acid induced degradation on the properties of starch pastes and starch gels
88 - AB Norton, F Spyropoulos, and LM Grover, University of Birmingham, UK
Warm hydration of kappa Carrageenan and its use to structure and stabilise single and double emulsions
4:45-5:05 82 - QJ Tang, HZ Yu, YF L, S Zhou, MQ Yan, JS Zhang, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Comparison of the polysaccharides from fruiting bodies, mycelia and spore powder of Ganoderma lingzhi
89 - Zhen Hu, Robert Pelton, and Emily D. Cranston, McMaster University, Canada
Cellulose nanocrystal pickering emulsions, emulsion gels, and dried emulsions
6:00-9:00Conference Banquet, Creelman Hall
 Session 19 – Protein-based Hydrocolloids; Session Chair – M. Britten; Room 103Session 20 – Hydrocolloid Sources and Materials; Session Chair – G. Swota; Room 102Session 21 – Bioactive Hydrocolloids; Session Chair – P. Lai; Room 105
8:55-9:30Invited 16 – Dr. Michel Britten, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Interaction between milk protein and polyphenols: impact on dairy processing and nutrient release in gastrointestinal environment
Invited 17 – Dr. Madhav Yadav, U.S. Dep.of Agriculture, USA
Functional Polysaccharides from Agricultural Biomass
Invited 18 – Dr. Phoency F. H. Lai, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China
Tailoring bioactive polysaccharides for the future: from cellular immunology to costeffective adjuvant for dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines
9:30-9:5091 - F Peyronel, BE Quinn, P Ramel, AG Marangoni, DA Pink, University of Guelph, Canada
Cheese: Ultra-small Angle X-ray scattering and Theoretical Models of Enzyme-driven Aggregation Structures in Milk
97 - Narpinder Singh, Amritpal Kaur, Khetan Shevkani, Rajrathnam Ezekiel, Prabhjot Kaur, Naoto Isono, Takahiro Noda, Guru Nanak Dev University, India
Diversity in amylose, amylopectin chain length, particle size, thermal and pasting properties of starches from different Indian potato cultivars
Invited 19 - Jingsong Zhang*, Yanfang Liu,Qingjiu Tang , Yan Yang, Wei Jia, Wenhan Wang, Chuanhong Tang, Di Wu, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Research process on beta-glucan from edible fungi
9:50-10:1092 - K Protte, A Sonne, J Weiß, J Hinrichs, University of Hohenheim, Germany
Whey protein-pectin complexes as new structuring elements in fat reduced food systems
98 - B Saberi*, QV Vuong, S Chockchaisawasdee, JB Golding, CJ Scarlett and CE Stathopoulos, University of Newcastle, Australia
Development of model for thickness, moisture content, solubility and barrier properties of pea starch edible films
10:10-10:30Morning Break
10:30-10:5093 - F Lazzaro, E Beaucher, C Lopez, MN Madec, A Saint-Jalmes, F Violleau, M Gaucher, F Gaucheron, FrenchNational Institute for Agricultural Research, France
The gradual disaggregation of casein micelles improves their emulsifying capacities and decreases the stability of dairy emulsions
99- Qin Xu, Srinivas Janaswamy*, Purdue University, USA
Cellulose-based novel biodegradable films
103 - YF Liu, QJ Tang, JS Zhang, Y Yang, S Zhou, D Wu, Z Zhang and MQ Yan, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Bioactivity studies and content determination of ß-D-glucan from Ganoderma Lucidum using HPLC
10:50-11:1094 - R. Ramsch, M. Vanden Eynden*, G. Brambilla, M. Fleury, P. Bru, G. Meunier, Formulaction Inc., France
Passive Microrheology as a useful tool for cheese preparation
100 - QW Jin, XB Li, ZX Cai, HB Zhang*, MP Yadav, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Viscoelasticity at liquid/liquid, gas/liquid interfaces and in bulk: corn fiber gum versus popularly used polysaccharide emulsifiers
104 - Zulfikar Ali, H. R. Naik, Tawheed Amin and A. H. Rather, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology- Kashmir, India
Effect of hydrocolloids on the quality and cloud stability of apricot-nectar blended with seabuckthorn
11:10-11:3095 - Weixin Li, Jin Tu, Wei Gong, Hong Xu, Jing Luo, Leiyan Wu and Wuying Yang, Jiangxi Agricultural University, China
Adsorption kinetics and interfacial properties of phosphorylated zein with SDS layers at air/water or oil/water interfaces
101 - Y Liu, S Qiu, MP Yadav and LJ Yin, China Agricultural University
Effects of peroxidase treatment on the film-forming properties of corn fiber gum
11:30-11:5096 - H Khalesi, B Emadzadeh, R Kadkhodaee and Y Fang, Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, Iran
The influence of persian gum on the rheological characteristics of the emulsion and the emulsion gel system of whey protein
102 - Ji Kang, Qingbin Guo, Yong-Cheng Shi, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA
New insights on the structural properties of hemicellulose from corn bran
12:30-22:00Lunch and Trip to Niagara Falls, Ticket required