Steve W. Cui andH. Douglas Goff

Conference Committee Members

Michel Britten,Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada;
Allen Foegeding,North Carolina State University;
Amy Lin,University of Idaho;
Sylvie Turgeon,Université Laval;
Thava Vansanthan,University of Alberta;Qi Wang,Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada;
Madhav Yadav,USDA;
Gregory Ziegler,Penn State University

Cellucon Trust - Advisory Committee

International Advisory Board
Professor Glyn O. Phillips,Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd, UK
Professor Peter A. Williams,Glyndwr University, Wrexham, UK
Professor John F. Kennedy,Chembiotech Laboratories, Bromsgrove, UK
Professor Steve Cui,Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada
Professor H. Douglas Goff,University of Guelph

Cellucon Trust - Trustees

Professor G. O. Phillips, Chairman,Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd, UK
Professor J. F. Kennedy, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer,Chembiotech Laboratories, Tenbury Wells, UK
Professor P. A. Williams, Secretary,Glyndwr University, UK