13th International Hydrocolloids Conference


Steve W. Cui

Steve Cui

Dr. Cui’s research interests are focused on the structure and functional properties of dietary fibre and hydrocolloids from agricultural products and their applications in foods. His expertise includes extraction, fractionation, analysis of natural polysaccharides, and elucidation of polysaccharide structures using methylation analysis, 2D NMR and mass spectroscopic techniques. He is also studying the bioactivity and structure-function relationship of polysaccharides by examining their conformation, rheological properties and functionality. Dr. Cui holds six patents and published over 100 scientific papers, two books and several book chapters.

Dr. Cui is active in serving the scientific community: he is an Editor of Food Research International, Guest Editor of Food Hydrocolloids. He organized and chaired the 6th International Hydrocolloids Conference held in July 2002, Guelph, Ontario, Canada and is the Scientific Coordinator (Canadian side) of the China-Canada Science and Innovation Centre on Food located at the State Key Lab of Food Science and Technology, hosted by Jiangnan University and Nanchang University, China. Dr. Cui is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, Jiangnan University and Nanchang University in China. He is a recipient of Leadership in Technology Transfer Award in 2006 by Federal Partners in Technology Transfer, Government of Canada. He recently co-founded the International Complex Carbohydrates Consortium (ICCC) and organized several international symposiums on bioactive polysaccharides and dietary fibre in UK, China and Canada and co-organized the International Hydrocolloids Conferences since 2002. He is also Co-Chairing the 2012 CIFST Conference held in Niagara Falls, Canada.